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We made this at home just the other day because we had some leftover roasties, mash and veg from Sunday lunch to use up. As well as tasting delicious (especially with a HUGE dollop of piccalilli) it reminds us of Boxing Day, when it’s traditional – at ours, anyway – to fry up the remaining roast spuds, sprouts and various veg, serve up with pickles and put our feet up in front of the box.
Christmas can be a costly time of year, and at a time when we spend more, we also seem to waste more. According to the Bank of England, UK households spend an average of £800 more in December than the other months of the year, with a 20% increase of how much we spend on food.
So how can we make the most of our festive food and what can we do to make sure we keep up the good work into the new year and beyond?

Planning is key!
Even a little bit of planning can go a long way. Do people really want sprouts? If no-one’s going to enjoy them, then you’re going to have a mountain of them mouldering in the fridge come January.
How many people are actually coming for dinner? If you’re worried about unexpected guests turning up, batch cook something in advance (who doesn’t love a festive spag bol?!) and pop a few portions in the freezer. Then, you can grab something quickly should anyone knock at the door, and if not then they will keep for another day!

Don’t forget these dates
As my little one enthusiastically counts down to Christmas (with the help of a chocolate-filled calendar) I’m reminded of another date that matters this time of year: the ‘Use By’.
Just under half of the food and drink we waste in UK homes (worth £6 billion) ends up in the bin because we don’t use it in time. The Use By date is there for your safety, so food should not be eaten past this date, but it can be eaten or frozen right up to it.
If the Use By is looming and you simply can’t face any more festive fayre, wrap it, label it (avoiding future Unidentified Frozen Objects) and freeze it!

Love Food Hate Waste provides oodles of practical advice, and by reducing food waste the average family could save up to £60 a month – that’s £500 a year for the average home or £730 for a family with children. Just think what you could do with that next Christmas! Make reducing food waste your New Year’s Resolution, and use up your leftovers in Bubble and Squeak all year round!


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