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Our story

Our story

Love Food Hate Waste’s recipe for climate action: research, expertise and a love of food to help you save food from the bin.

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Why we're here

Love Food Hate Waste is brought to you by the international climate action charity, WRAP. We’ve been spreading the word about food waste in homes and how to fight it since 2007. Together, we’ve made some great progress in reducing the amount of good food going in the bin in the UK. But, there is still more that we need to do.

With food scarcity being talked about more and more, cost of living rises and an increasing number of people without enough food to eat, it’s so important that we do all we can to make the most of food. It reduces the pressure on the whole food system, for all of us.

We’re a team who are constantly looking for new ideas to help tackle life’s challenges and make the most of food. (We love a new hack or tip!) The information we bring to you is tried and tested by research and by our food experts, making sure it will help you as much as possible (and our planet).


tonnes of food that is still good to eat is thrown away every year in the UK.

18 million

tonnes of CO2 are generated by UK homes from the wasted consumable food and drink


of food waste comes from our UK homes

Working together to save food

We work closely with companies who produce our food and the shops and supermarkets who sell our food about being smarter with how food is packaged and sold.

We also help to simplify how food is labelled, using this opportunity to add helpful reminders to food packaging like where best to store different foods so they stay fresher for longer. Have you seen Love Food Hate Waste advice on Aldi, Lidl and Tesco packaging?

We also work with partners to develop new food-saving technology and techniques, to keep as much food on plates and out of the bin as possible.

Love Food Hate Waste around the world

There’s nothing better than feeling connected, and that our actions make a difference.

Well, by taking steps to save food from the bin at home and in the UK, you’re part of a worldwide community of people fighting food waste, too. Here are just some of the places Love Food Hate Waste is reaching.

Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Hungary, Indonesia, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Slovakia, South Africa, USA…

More ways to fight climate change

Love Food Hate Waste is linked to climate action in other important areas too, including recycling, plastics and clothing. While you’re trying out some new food-saving habits, why not have a look at other areas you can reduce your impact on the planet, too? (As well as making your life easier along the way!)

Visit the following websites to learn more.

Be a part of our food-saving story

Let's be realistic: sometimes we are so busy that thinking about how to save food at home often falls to the bottom of our list. Instead of trying to overhaul your food habits in one day, let's take action together in bite-sized chunks.

Farmer smiling holding a cabbage and parsnips

Adopting some simple food habits into your usual weekly routine will remove a lot of the stress around food, saving you both time and money - while shopping and at home. It'll also ensure your food is eaten and not binned!

A mother and child cooking together, the mum is putting a tray in the oven

Answers to the questions we often receive about food waste, and ways to get in touch with the Love Food Hate Waste team.

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