• New recipes don’t always mean starting from scratch with a set of pristine ingredients, this delicious soup is a brilliant example of that, give it a go.

  • New potatoes make the perfect base for any number of delectable savoury nibbles. Here are three great topping ideas but use up any leftover ready cooked potatoes that you have. Each filling recipe makes enough for 24 tiny new potatoes. They can be made ahead of time and cooked from frozen.

  • As in the UK, a lot of potatoes are thrown away in Norway too. Potato is a versatile ingredient that can be the base of many delicious dishes and pastries. What about making muffins with today's leftovers? Here is a sweet version.

  • If you have leftover cooked potatoes to use, from the fridge or freezer, why not try this delicious, simple recipe from Blas y Tir …


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  • All we want for Christmas is Tupperware. Make sure food storage containers are on your list to Santa and put an end…