• Brussel sprouts tend to have the Marmite effect on people. You either love them or hate them. In the Bangers & Mash house we fall firmly on the ‘love them’ side of the fence. Even the children. Miss Bangers was asking me to buy some in the greengrocer just the other day.

  • Make the most of leftovers from a Christmas meal by combining cooked turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing in these festive pasties. They can also be frozen before cooking so any you don’t need won’t be wasted.

  • This is a lovely Italian salad - The dish is lovely if the beef is slightly rare. The canellini beans also make it a hearty meal

  • If these are made small enough they make lovely ‘spicy chicken balls’ – perfect size for children (maybe go lighter on the chilli) or party nibbles.


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