• If you have leftover dips in the fridge they can be put to inspiring culinary uses. Dips can also be nutritious and using up every bit in the pot can save money too.

  • This fish pie uses a pastry topping that doesn't need rolling out, just grating! Make sure the pastry is well chilled, almost frozen and the trick is to use ready-made pastry – the homemade version can get too soft to grate. Make a few portions for the freezer.

  • Children go wild for these burgers, keep them in the freezer for a last minute children’s tea - they can be cooked from frozen. ;Try serving them as small meatballs with tomato sauce and spaghetti. For a spicier flavour add extra chilli powder.

  • The mulled wine flavours the chicken is cooked in smacks of Christmas and is delicious served with a creamy leek mashed potato or baked potato or you could even serve it with couscous. Accompany with seasonal vegetables or braised red cabbage.


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