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Why Save Food

  • In lockdown, we wasted a third less food - let's keep crushing it! We throw away 4.5m tonnes of edile food in our UK homes every year - that affects our wallet and our planet. Find out how you can save your food from the bin. 

  • A fun and interesting activity for all ages

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  • Got some wrinkly apples? Here's just the thing
    We ran a competition with the students at Wykham High School. The challenge was to create video to help reduce food waste in the home. We are pleased to announce that the winner is Saarika with her creative apple crumble recipe!

  • "Carrot tops are really lovely!"
    In this video, @LagomChef shows you how to get eating the green leafy bits of your carrots

    Will you try it? Let us know below!

    #LoveFoodHateWaste #Compleating

  • The humble potato. The most wasted food item in the UK.

    Potato is frequently found in the frozen aisle of your favourite grocery shop and is available in many forms ❄️

    A spud ‘swaption’ is spot-on for cutting down on time (but not taste) on busy/lazy days.

  • More and more of us are taking our restaurant leftovers home with us and restaurants are starting to make this easier @MailOnline