• This recipe couldn’t be easier, a delicious Cauliflower recipe created by Tesco chef, Martyn Lee at the Royal Welsh Show 2017. A great way to use the whole vegetable - stalks, leaves and all! Cut into wedges and serve. Great as a side to roasted meats. Serves: 4 (as a side dish)

  • This lamb risotto recipe comes from Meat Promotion Wales and it is a great way to use up any leftover lamb. With the addition of a few ingredients, it is simply delicious! You can also add vegetables past their best to this dish, for example, celery and carrots.

  • If you have leftover cooked potatoes to use, from the fridge or freezer, why not try this delicious, simple recipe from Blas y Tir …

  • Save those veg from the bottom of the fridge and give them a new lease of life in this inventive curry which is as light as it is healthy. We’ve used madras curry paste (for added kick) – you can choose your favourite. Give it an authentic touch with basmati rice, too.


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  • If you still need convincing about lunching on leftovers, we have some handy tips to having a lovely lunch to look forward to, to get you through those long meetings and deadlines at work...

  • With busy lives, it's worth asking yourself, if just by cooking a little more of your planned evening meal, could it provide you with a simple lunch the next day?

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