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Why Save Food

  • In lockdown, we wasted a third less food - let's keep crushing it! We throw away 4.5m tonnes of edile food in our UK homes every year - that affects our wallet and our planet. Find out how you can save your food from the bin. 

  • A fun and interesting activity for all ages

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  • Looking for a warming breakfast? Well, look no further than a tasty bowl of baked oats. Bonus: it's great for using up that last bit of milk in the fridge, and fruit... anything you fancy really! @heyrenu shows us how. What are you favourite oat toppings and flavours?

  • If you have leftover cooked chicken, why not transform it into a delicious pâté. ️

    Whizz the meat in a food processor with a good spoonful of softened butter, then season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Place it in the fridge to harden and enjoy it on toast.

  • Leftover pears? Try this from kathrins_jungle_kitchen (Insta).

    Slice 3/4 pears & spread on puff pastry.
    Add slices of goats cheese on top.
    Sprinkle over two handfuls of walnuts.
    Drizzle 4-5 tbsp of olive oil and runny honey on top.
    Cook for 15-20mins at 180.

  • RT @R_Swannell: Delighted to see a coalition coming together at today’s UN @FoodSystems Summit 2021 to tackle #FoodLoss and #FoodWaste. Foo…