Take action against the problem of food waste

Here you can find our Love Food Hate Waste blogs, written to share top tips and solutions to reduce food waste at home. Feeding mouths not bins, one blog at a time!

Food saving tips for Halloween

Are you spooked about wasting food? Find out some simple ways to make the most of your food!

Freeze your way to a brilliant BBQ

Cook up a perfect amount and prevent food waste by using your freezer – saving money and helping to stop climate change

Lower your fridge temperature

Millions of UK fridges are set too warm for all of our fresh foods. Dial down to below 5⁰C for your food to stay fresher for longer.

Swap your fresh food for frozen

Swapping fresh food for frozen can save you money and save food from the bin, find out about our frozen swaptions!

Save time with creative cooking

Curb climate change with creative cooking to save time and the planet as we get back to busy this September