Take action against the problem of food waste

Here you can find our Love Food Hate Waste blogs, written to share top tips and solutions to reduce food waste at home. Feeding mouths not bins, one blog at a time! Did you know the average family of four in the UK could save over £60 a month by reducing their food waste? I’m sure that would be much better sat in your piggy bank! it’s all well and good us telling you this but, why is food waste a problem? Is all food waste recyclable? How can I stop wasting food? The questions are endless, luckily, so are the solutions! Why not have a browse through our blogs and give our tips a go?

Mail on Sunday Food Waste Challenge

Take the Mail on Sunday challenge and save 30% of your food from the bin – a saving of £210 a year


Millions of UK fridges are set too warm for all of our fresh foods. Dialling down to below 5⁰C means your food stays safe and fresher for longer.


Swapping fresh food for frozen can save you money and save food from the bin!