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Take action today!

Take action today!

A huge thank you from us all – for doing something that matters. For valuing your food beyond the price tag.

For making the most of the resources that have already been used to bring our food to our table - land, water, farmers time and energy, transportation - and ensuring every morsel is eaten and not binned. 

Farmer smiling holding a cabbage and parsnips

Save food and beat the bin

Let’s be realistic: sometimes we are so busy that thinking about how to save food at home often falls to the bottom of our list. Instead of trying to overhaul your food habits in one day, let’s take action together in bite-sized chunks.

Simple changes really do add up if we all make a small change today, and continue that action every day.


of food waste comes from our UK homes

Get started on your food-saving journey

We all know how busy life can be, so choose one simple food hack to try today - whether that’s planning more meals so you know what you need in your weekly shop, measuring your rice or pasta before cooking, popping leftovers in the fridge or freezer for another meal, or checking your fridge is set to a cool enough temperature.

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, like going fully ‘zero waste’ at the drop of a hat, making meals from fruit and veg peelings, or growing your own veg (although if you’re into it, that’s brilliant!) One small change really does make a huge difference if enough of us take that action.

Keep doing your chosen action every week until it becomes second nature and part of your weekly food routine. Then try something else. In a few weeks, you’ll be surprised at how much food you’re saving from the bin and how many more £s you have in your pocket.

Resources for community group leaders

We can achieve so much more with you working alongside us. With your help, we can reach more people within their communities and inspire action in homes across the country.

Sign up to our resource library and you’ll have access to lots of resources that you are very welcome to use for your groups: including Love Food Hate Waste branded social media resources, tested messages and facts about food waste, and printable materials.

Food Waste Action Week in March is another great change to get involved and help us raise awareness of the importance of tackling the food waste issue, together.

Share how you save food

Share the great things you are doing to keep food out of the bin and to help protect our wonderful planet. Tell your family, friends, colleagues, fellow students, neighbours, Girl Guiding and Scouting pals… tell everyone you can.

Let’s inspire each other, celebrate the wins together and keep the momentum going.

Let us know what you’ll be getting up to by tagging our social media accounts in your posts: we’re always happy to share and support food-saving initiatives.

Find support in our food-saving community

Get involved with our digital community and find like-minded people who are doing their bit to make the most of food and save money. We share lots of practical ideas, food hacks, leftover food recipes and much more on our social media accounts and on this website.

Follow us and join in the conversation today! Share your great food saving tips with us too - tag our social accounts and use #LoveFoodHateWaste.

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Love Food Hate Waste's recipe for climate action: research, expertise and a love of food to help you save food from the bin.

A black family: a mother, grown up daughter and two sons, cook a meal together in the kitchen, laughing and smiling

Answers to the questions we often receive about food waste, and ways to get in touch with the Love Food Hate Waste team.

Two white men chopping chillis together in the kitchen: one older and grey, one younger and bearded.

When you throw something in the bin, it's not just food that is going to waste, it's all the precious resources which went into making it. And each one has an impact on climate change.

Perhaps even more shocking, 70% of all food that's thrown away in the UK comes from our homes, which means every single one of us has a vitally important role to play in the battle against climate change.

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