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Freeze? Yes
In season Late spring to late autumn
Store In the fridge
Excellent source of fibre
a full watermelon beside a slice of melon

We can buy a wide range of melons in our shops ranging from the smaller ones such as the sweet tasting cantaloupe to the larger ones like watermelons. They are nutritious and have a high water content so they help to keep the body hydrated.

How to store

How to store fresh melon

Cut melon should be stored in the fridge. Whole melon should be stored in a cupboard or a fruit bowl.

Freezing melon

Melon can be frozen in a sealed bag or airtight container for up to 3 months.

Storing cooked melon

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Melon Top tips

How to freeze and defrost

To freeze: Before freezing, slice melon in wedges or bitesize chunks, and pop in to a sealed bag or airtight container. 

To defrost: When you take food or drink out of the freezer, it’s important to defrost it safely. Don’t defrost at room temperature.

Ideally, defrost fully in the fridge and use within 24 hours. Or, use a microwave on the defrost setting directly before using.

Be fabulous with leftovers

Get creative with your melon skin and use it as a bowl for fruit salads! This adds to the flavour and saves washing up.

Buying tips

If buying a melon for melon balls, think about frozen melon balls - less waste!

Perfect portions

Use our portion calculator for a quick and simple way to check how much of this food to serve at mealtimes.

Valuing your Melon beyond the price tag

Goodness in food

Your food is more than its shape, colour and price. Your food has an important role to play to help keep you healthy and with enough energy to live your life how you wish to.

  • Water melons contain beta-carotene which we convert to vitamin A. This helps keep our eyes and skin healthy.
  • A good source of fibre which helps with digestion.
  • Melons have a high water content so they help to hydrate the body.

Food story

By the time your food arrives in your home, it’s already been on quite a journey starting with how it is made or grown and how your food reaches the supermarket.

So please help our food to finish its story in the most sustainable way, ensuring the planet’s resources that’s already used are put to good use. Take care of your food when it’s in your home and ensure every edible morsel is eaten - and that your food doesn’t end up in the bin!

Why not try these delicious recipes to use up Melon

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a jar of thick purple berry jam surrounded by an assortment of fresh berries

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