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Freeze? Yes
In season Mid-summer to early autumn
Store In the fridge
High in vitamin A and fibre
A bunch of fresh green beans

A popular vegetable, full of nutritional goodness, that contributes to your five-a-day.  They are high in fibre and contain vitamin K which helps keep the body healthy. Can be used in dishes like stews as well as steamed and used in salads.

How to store

How to store fresh beans

Fresh beans should be kept in the fridge in their original packaging.

Freezing beans

Beans can be frozen in a sealed bag or container for up to 3 months.

Storing cooked beans

Store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Beans Top tips

How to freeze and defrost

To freeze: All beans can be frozen! Raw or cooked, ensure beans are stored in a sealed container before freezing.

To defrost: When you take food or drink out of the freezer, it’s important to defrost it safely. Don’t defrost at room temperature.

Eating the whole food

Keep the ends you trim off beans and put them in sealed container in the freezer. Keep adding peels and ends of other vegetables too and then make a stock to use in recipes such as stews, currys and soups. Simply boil in water for about 20 minutes.

Be fabulous with leftovers

Leftover green beans are a great addition to stir fries, omelettes or salads.

Buying tips

Think about swapping fresh beans for frozen. Frozen foods last a long time in the freezer, you can use as much as you need when you need to and they can often be a cheaper option.

Valuing your Beans beyond the price tag

Goodness in food

Your food is more than its shape, colour and price. Your food has an important role to play to help keep you healthy and with enough energy to live your life how you wish to.

  • As well as being a good source of fibre and vitamin A, beans are rich in iron which is important in making red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body.
  • Beans also contain folic acid which helps the body form healthy red blood cells.
  • They are also a source of potassium - a mineral that helps control the balance of fluids in the body and also helps the heart muscle work properly.

Food story

By the time your food arrives in your home, it’s already been on quite a journey starting with how it’s made or grown and how your food reaches the supermarket.

So please help our food to finish its story in the most sustainable way, ensuring the planet’s resources that’s already used are put to good use. Take care of your food when it’s in your home and ensure every edible morsel is eaten - and that your food doesn’t end up in the bin!

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