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Bonfire Night is a time when none of us mind wrapping up and going out into the cold – and it’s even better with some hearty food to warm us up when we get back home! In today’s post, we’re sharing some of our favourite recipe ideas for a cosy Bonfire Night feast, many making delicious use of leftovers or things that need using up. Here’s how to make this 5th of November one your guests will definitely remember…

1. Catherine Wheel canapes 

Inspired by the drama of a Catherine Wheel, get your Bonfire Night feast off to a great start with some tasty pinwheel canapes made from cream cheese and smoked salmon for a smoky bonfire-like flavour. These are a great way to use up a tub of cream cheese approaching its use by date. These will for sure wow your guests!

2. Bonfire jacket potatoes 

What could be tastier on a chilly November evening than jacket potatoes cooked in the glowing embers of the bonfire? They’re great for using up a big bag of baking potatoes, too. Simply season them and wrap them in foil, bury them in the hot coals using some tongs and turn them regularly for the next 40 minutes or until they’re cooked. Serve with butter, grated cheese or any other topping of choice!

3. Spicy chilli 

A classic winter warmer, a spicy chilli con carne is guaranteed to bring some fire to Bonfire Night – and it goes perfectly with those bonfire-baked potatoes! The best thing about a chilli is that it’s easy to scale up to meet guest numbers, and you can throw in any vegetables you have left in the fridge that need using up – anything goes. Of course, you can also make it meat-free by swapping minced beef for black beans. If you’ve forgotten the tortilla chips, try cutting wraps into triangles and baking them for a few minutes in the oven. And there’s no worry if you don’t get through it all; simply freeze in portions for a delicious meal another day.

4. Bangers and mash 

Fireworks aren’t the only bangers to be enjoyed on Bonfire Night! Sausages and mash are an easy crowd-pleaser that you can whip up in no time at all when you’re finished with the fireworks. Mashed potato is a great way to use up older spuds, and you can even save time by keeping the skins on for extra nutrients – nothing goes to waste that way. With plenty of veggie and vegan sausages available now, this classic dish is also easy to amend for plant-based guests.

5. Parkin 

Traditionally eaten on Bonfire Night, parkin is a soft, sticky, lightly spiced cake that makes a delicious dessert. It’s best made a week before the big day, as it gets stickier and softer if you leave it for a few days before eating. Because it lasts so long, it’s also not a problem if you have leftovers – you can enjoy some with a cup of tea for days to come!

6. Toffee apples 

With the apple season drawing to a close, toffee apples are the perfect seasonal treat to serve at your Bonfire Night feast. Not only do they taste fantastic and get the kids eating fruit, but they’re a great way to use up that autumnal glut of apples. They’re also great fun to make, so why not get the whole family involved?

7. Pumpkins 

Finally, if you’ve still got pumpkins around the house after Halloween, Bonfire Night is the perfect time to serve them up as a hearty supper. Take a look at our six great ways to eat your Halloween pumpkins and make sure they don’t go to waste!

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