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Keep milk in the fridge

Okay, so we all know milk needs to be kept in the fridge.

But have you ever checked your fridge temperature? A fridge at the correct temp will keep milk – and everything else – fresher for a lot longer.

The ideal fridge temperature is between 0-5 °C.

Milk has a ‘Use by’ date, which refers to its safety. Milk shouldn’t be used after this date.

You can freeze milk!

The reason almost half of all milk that’s thrown away is binned is because it’s not used in time. Specifically, because we thought it went past its best.

To make your milk last even longer, you can freeze it at any time up until its ‘Use by’ date. Keep it in the original bottle or carton and pop in the freezer – or decant into an airtight container or ice cube trays first if you only have a small amount to freeze to save on space. A great tip for before you head off on holiday or a weekend away and still have half a bottle of milk left. Press pause in the freezer and you’ll have milk for a cuppa when you get back home!

You can use frozen milk straight from the freezer when cooking, in sauces or soups for example. If you’ve frozen it in the ice cube tray, drop a cube in your tea or coffee. – it also helps cool your hot drink faster, so you can drink it sooner! You can also defrost it slowly in the fridge ready for your breakfast the next day.

Leftover milk

If you’ve tried our storage tips and you’ve got fresh milk leftover – use every drop!

(Psst! Did you know milk is the secret ingredient in loads of our favourite leftover recipes…?)