We've collected hundreds of tasty leftover recipes from the nation's best chefs – you! Together with culinary ideas from leading celebrity food lovers, there's no better place to fulfill your love of food and keep it out of the bin.


  • This is a super quick recipe that can be put together at the last moment. Spoon onto your own Garlic Pittas. You could also try using canned salmon and sardines which work really well too. This combination could be used to fill baked potatoes or as a delicious sandwich filling or open sandwich.
  • If you have veggies coming to your party, they will love these; for a more substantial snack they can also be served in a warmed pitta pocket with chilli sauce and salad. Serve the mini falafel with a shop bought Tzatziki yoghurt dip or make your own
  • This is a good recipe for using up odds and ends from the fridge, you could top the corn chips with leftover cooked sausage and great for using up any leftover cheese. This is a last minute snack that is best made just before eating.
  • It’s much cheaper and simpler to make your own tapenade and great for making leftover bread something more interesting. You need a food processor or if you don’t have that, you could use a pestle and mortar or the end of a rolling pin and bowl for the crushing of the olives.
  • This is a basically a slightly fancy cheese on toast, great for making use of leftover ends of cheeses and bread - don’t feel afraid of mixing different types together if you have a few different types of cheese in your fridge.
  • This is basically a thin omelette rolled up tightly. They are best made one day in advance and chilled before slicing. If you have fresh herbs handy use them up, but don’t use dried as the flavours are too strong.
  • If you ever find yourself with a few cooked cocktail sausages lurking in your fridge, give them a makeover with this sticky sauce. The kid’s will love you for them!
  • Make this right now, throw onto a halved baguette anything that you’ve got in the fridge to make a wicked ‘pizza addict’ munchie.
  • These look mega and are dead simple to make. Get your mates to be sous chefs and help with shaping the patties, cutting out the burger buns and doing the ‘stack’. If you fancy making standard size burgers this quantity would make 4 burgers but will take longer to cook.
  • These will make use of any slightly soft fruits from the fruit bowl, such as apples, pears, apricots, plums etc.
  • These are best made and eaten the same day, but equally freeze well. They are great for using up odds and ends of cheese from the fridge, use any strong smelly cheese like goat’s, Gruyere, Stilton cheese for maximum ‘sniff’ effect, try them - they’re Grrrrrreat!!
  • Serve these tasty cheesy morsels alongside a colourful platter of veggie sticks and mixed dips for a 'crunch munch' fest.