Food Waste Action Week

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Wasting Food Feeds Climate Change Globe


Don’t believe us? Well, if we stopped throwing away the 714,000 tonnes of potatoes we waste every year in our homes, it would do the same for the environment as taking 326,000 tonnes of CO2e out of our atmosphere! We’re challenging everyone to understand the true value of food and waste as little as possible. It’s time to act now.

 The next Food Waste Action Week takes place on the 7 – 13th March 2022

The good food we throw away has an impact on our environment and contributes to climate change because we are wasting not only the food but the valuable resources that have gone into creating it too - from the land, fertilisers and water that was used for growing it to the greenhouse gases created from its production and transportation.

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If food waste were a country, it would have the third biggest carbon footprint after the USA and China.

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If we all stopped wasting bread at home in the UK for a year, it could do the same for greenhouse gas emissions as planting 5.3 million trees.

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Wasted food accounts for more greenhouse gas emissions globally than all of the commercial flights we take each year.

What can you do to help?

Make a list and plan your portions

This everyday portion planner will provide you with guidance on how much food you need for each person, for each meal. It’s simple to use as we’ve calculated the typical serving sizes for you. Before you shop, plan out your portions so you only buy what you need. Make a list and take a shelfie so you’ll know what you have at home while you’re shopping.

Get more tips

Check your fridge temperature

Turn the fridge down to 5°C or lower to keep your food fresher for longer.

Use our tool

Keep an eye on your date labels

Date labels – what do they mean? Know your ‘use by’ from your ‘best before’.

Eat everything that's edible

Compl-eat your food and use up every edible part including potato skins and broccoli stalks.

Use up all your leftovers

Using up leftovers is an easy way to fight climate change and enjoy a delicious meal.

Make the most of your cupboard

Get your storage in order – keep your food at its best for longer by storing it correctly.

A-Z of food storage

Freeze what you won't eat

Freezing the food you haven’t had time to eat acts like a pause button, giving you more time to eat the food you’ve bought. It’s safe to freeze food right up to the use-by date. Find out what you can and can’t freeze and what the correct way of defrosting is. Freezing what you have and buying frozen will help you use up everything without it expiring.

Love your freezer