Back to work lunches- part 2...

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Having a lovely lunch to look forward gets us through those long meetings and dealing with difficult clients, but realistically it needs to be both easy to transport and easy to eat. Once you’ve come around to the idea of lunching more on leftovers, it’s probably worth spending just a little of the money you will save (by not buying lunch every day and by not wasting food) on containers that won’t leak in transit.

If you still need convincing about lunching on leftovers, keep a favourite bowl and some proper cutlery in your desk drawer. It’s so much nicer than eating with a plastic fork!

If your workplace has a fridge and microwave your options are increased. You can probably store your favourite salad dressings or sauces to save you taking them into work each day. If you are going to reheat last night’s curry and rice, don’t forget that rice needs to be reheated really well, until piping hot. If you are eating rice cold as a salad, eat it within 24 hours.

Soups, hot or cold, can be a happy ending for all sorts of leftovers and very little can go wrong. If you are a fan of homemade lunchtime soups, check out our recipes for inspiration – there is even one for leftover lettuce! A liquid lunch needs some crunch but croutons don’t have to be square or made out of sliced white bread either. Toasted leftover garlic bread chunks (especially the end bits of the baguette that are less popular) or toasted leftover naan will do the job just as well, and are tastier.

If you are eyeing up your leftovers with lunch potential in mind, remember that you only need a small portion to make a satisfying sandwich filler. Mixing in a favourite sauce or a dip from the previous TV snack session adds flavour, but also stops a filling falling out, such as a salsa, a spoonful of smoked fish mixed into butter, a mix of leftover cheese grated and mixed with a chive dip.