Men United master meal planning

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Men United is a group that was set up in 2008 to reduce social isolation among men aged 55+.

Their research and work shows that these men are often the most disadvantaged, with issues relating to poverty, isolation, neglect, depression, ageism, poor health and mobility.

Men United’s aim is to encourage men aged 55+ across Belfast to join in, volunteer and engage in a wide range of activities designed to suit their interests, abilities and needs. Everything they do is geared around building confidence and quality of life, so they welcomed the opportunity to host Love Food Hate Waste Training through Volunteer Now Enterprises LTD.

Many of the 300+ members live alone and have little experience of cooking. As many also have limited income, it was useful for them to learn about meal planning and how to save money.

We presented the key facts and then conducted exercises in small groups. There's was lots of enthusiastic discussion, which continued over lunch.

All of the information was new to the men who had never really been involved in meal planning, let alone food storage and freezing - they had no idea about what you could and couldn’t freeze. They learned a lot about using up leftovers, planning their shops and and storing food effectively.

Eleven men attended and agreed that they would take all the lessons learned on board and waste less food as a result. All attendees signed up to be food champions and will help us to spread the word.