First Choice Housing gets Wales to waste less

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First Choice housing wanted to increase the skills and knowledge of their support staff, office staff and tenants, to help them save money and eat healthily.

We were approached to deliver training to Community Housing Cymru (the umbrella organisation for community housing in Wales), which included eleven participants representing six housing associations.

Following the success of the initial session, one of the attendees, Sharon Gronland, then ran her own Love Food Hate Waste Session at ‘Tenant Councils’ from Swansea to Newtown and up to Shotton – spreading the message across the whole of Wales.

Sharon told us that, as many of the tenants have learning difficulties, the tactile nature of the activities (for example, feeling the weights of the pasta and cereal) meant they were a real hit.

In all, 29 tenants, 31 support staff and 15 office workers discovered how to cook perfect portions, master date labels and plan meals to save money.

Following the initial training, First Choice is now advertising its own campaign on its website, social media and in its newsletters.