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A new leaf of life

Wake up your wrinkled and wilted veg in a glass or bowl of cold water – they will be good as new in less than half an hour.

Be a smoothie

Make smooth mash with skins. Cut whole, clean potatoes into small cubes and boil for 15 minutes – mash them up with some butter and milk, and you will never notice the skins but will get all the nutritional benefits.


Make stronger ‘soldiers’ by using the ends of the loaf – simply toast, butter, slice and dip!

Don’t fumble your crumble

No need to peel apples for this winter favourite! Simply slice the apples thinly or into small chunks, saving time and adding colour to your crumble too.

A crust must

Keep your favourite salsa or dipping sauce handy when you next serve pizza to ensure the kids - and big kids - eat their crusts!

Top tip

Use sprout tops (the leaves from a fresh sprout ‘tree’) as a deliciously and healthy green veg in its own right – a perfect substitute for cabbage.

Use your loaf

The end slices of a loaf of bread make perfect mini pizza bases. Make a super quick and cheap snack by piling toppings onto these thicker end slices – yum!

Say cheese!

Next time you make cauliflower cheese, include the leaves and stalk for an even tastier and more colourful meal.

Go back to your roots

Why peel beetroots when we really don’t need to? The skins are great when roasted in oil, either whole or chopped into wedges. The leaves are also a delicious raw or cooked – just like chard or spinach.

Don’t just eat it. Compleat it.