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Your favourite chicken restaurant have changed all their fries to ‘skin on’. Taste tests proved it’s what their customers prefer. Who knew the skins could be better for your taste buds AND help save the planet! Now that’s what we call a-peel-ing.

Lean Student Chef

Rob’s tasty, no-waste, cod and chips – compleat with the crusts of the loaf for breadcrumbs, skin-on fries (surely always the best option?) and fish from the freezer. The added bonus is that it’s only £1.20 per portion! Compleating never looked such good value.


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Original Flava

In their own words, 'Bring da flava to your kitchen!' This amazing, warming Jamaican inspired, one pot Ital Soup from Original Flava compleatly uses tonnes of nutritious veg from their local greengrocers. Tasty, quick and better for the environment, check it out.

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Sea Chips

Chips from your fish? Eating the skin of any cooked fish is a debate that will split any group of friends, however Sea Chips aim to make this is a thing of the past with their salmon skin crisps. See what you think.


Supermarket giants Tesco have created an inspiring list of top ten root-to-stem recipes over on their Real Food website making it easy for you to get involved and compleat your weekly shop.


Have you ever thought to try to leaves of brussels sprouts? We spotted sprout tops in store lately - use these super greens in any recipe instead of cabbage, stirred through mash to make a tasty colcannon, or fried with bacon and chestnuts.

Show us your best moves

Join the growing community of compleaters and do your bit for the planet. Don’t just eat it. Compleat it. Are you a compleat legend? Can you ditch the peeler, consume all your crusts and scoff those stems? If you can, share your recipes, tips, hacks, thoughts and photos on social media using #Compleating. Show us your best moves!

Don’t just eat it. Compleat it.