Cheesed off with wasting food? Read this

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Around the UK, in countless households, people are coming around to the idea that saving food is one of the small everyday things that we can do to save our planet.


Think of a pack of cheese… the resources that go into raising the cows, processing the milk, transporting the cheese, refrigeration, the fuel we use to drive to the shop to buy it. It's a lot of energy, time and care, not to mention money.

And now imagine that in the UK we throw away the equivalent of more than three million slices of cheese a day. Just that statistic alone is bound to leave you cheesed off.

And here's another one… Food waste not only hits us in the pocket – almost £60 a month – but it has a serious impact on the environment. Producing, distributing, storing and cooking food uses energy, fuel and water, which emits greenhouse gases and contributes to climate change.

Now for the good news: if we all stop throwing good food away we could save the equivalent of 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – that's the same as taking 1 in 4 cars off our roads.

The even better news is that it’s easy for you to do your bit. And we're here to help.

Here are just some of the great everyday things that you can to keep even more of your food out of the bin.

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