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We can all do something to turn the tide on the shocking amount of food we throw in the bin in our homes. Let’s work together to save our food and our planet, ensuring every edible morsel is eaten.

Save food. Beat the bin.

Simple changes really do add up if we all do something different today. Everyday. Forever.

It’s time to do more than just talking about the issue – let’s take action together. Each one of us, everywhere across the UK and the rest of the world.

Every day the equivalent of 20 million slices of bread are thrown away in UK homes. This could have fed breakfast to 10 million people.

And, a year’s worth of wasted bread slices, laid end to end, could circle the Earth from pole-to-pole 28 times!

Source: Love Food Hate Waste survey

Kickstarting your action

Be realistic. We are all busy so choose one simple food hack to try today - doing one thing different really does make a huge difference. Then keep doing this action every week until it becomes second nature. Then try something else.

In a few weeks you’ll be surprised at how much food you’re saving from the bin! And how many more £s you have in your pocket too – in fact, the average family can save around £60 a month, that’s around a whopping £720 a year.

You’ll be joining thousands of others across the UK who have already started doing something great, for our beautiful planet and our purses too.

Become a food saver super hero

You can make a difference at any age, including our younger folk. Try our first activity created especially for you - Make Food Matter. It's fun and easy to do and involves making a yummy mini pizza from bread-end crusts.

Community group leaders

We can achieve so much more with you working alongside us. With your help, we can reach more people within their communities and inspire action within people’s homes.

Sign up to our Resource library and you’ll have access to lots of resources that you are very welcome to use for your groups. Let us know what you’ll be getting up to by tagging our social media accounts in your posts.

Spread the word

Share the great things you are doing to help protect our wonderful planet – tell your family, friends, colleagues, fellow students, neighbours, Girl Guiding and Scouting pals … tell everyone. Inspire each other, celebrate together and keep the momentum going.

We can do this.
Together we can make a real difference.

Sharing is easy

We share lots of practical ideas, food hacks, leftover food recipes and much more on our social media accounts as well as on our website so simply follow us, join our community and share! Share your great ideas with us too - tag our social accounts and use #LoveFoodHateWaste

Don’t bin a slice again

Freeze half your loaf when you get home from the shop. Simply toast it straight from the freezer when you are hungry!

Serve the right amount

Use our handy portion calculator to plan your shopping or to cook and serve the right amount at mealtimes.

Getting storage savvy

Learn how to store your food to preserve its edible life for as long as possible using our handy A-Z tool.

Chill your fridge out

Keep your fridge at 5°C or less to keep food fresher for longer. A simple step to take.

Me-sized meals for kids

Some simple tips and guidance for feeding your kids.

Using up your leftover food

Save all those lovely leftovers from going in the bin by taking a look at our scrumptious recipes.

A huge thank you from us all – for doing something that matters.
For making a difference.

Value your food beyond the price tag.
Treat it with care – every time.