Single spud seeks buttering up

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King Edward, a little on the large side. Take me to where we can turn the lights off

– I like it in the dark. No need to accept me, warts and all, you can get under my skin if you prefer. WLTM a knob of butter to get toasty with in my jacket.

Personal info

Lives: In a cool, dry, dark apartment (well, it’s more of a cupboard really)
WLTM: A knob of butter to get toasty with in my jacket

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I’m feeling kinda lucky - who will be my match today?

Norwegian potato muffins
As in the UK, a lot of potatoes are thrown away in Norway too. Potato is a versatile ingredient that can be the base of many delicious dishes and pastries.
Sausage, onion and potato tray bake
This dish is ideal for weekday suppers as it only takes ten minutes to prepare and uses just one dish for cooking.

*We encourage people to eat food that’s safe to eat. Guidance states that food is fine past its best before or display until date (sell by), although food should not be consumed after the use by date but can be frozen up until this date.