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Cucumber. Tall, dark and handsome – refreshing some might say.

If you really insist on going in for something hot, allow me to help you cool down, just pair me with some natural yoghurt and everything will be all-raita in no time.

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Lives: Chillin’ in the fridge
WLTM: some natural, gooey yoghurt and some fresh mint

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I’m feeling kinda lucky - who will be my match today?

Cucumber smoothie
This smoothie comes from our fantastic liquid greens machine which launched in London's Borough Market.
Lamb pittas with cucumber salsa
Combining fresh, herby flavours and a delicious cucumber salsa, these pittas are perfect!

*We encourage people to eat food that’s safe to eat. Guidance states that food is fine past its best before or display until date (sell by), although food should not be consumed after the use by date but can be frozen up until this date.