Every year in the UK, 120 million birds are thrown away uneaten, give a cluck this Christmas and make sure you know how to freeze those delicious leftovers so you can eat them later!
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As the new year kicks off, we're asking you to give a cluck about poultry waste.

Every year in the UK, 120 million chickens are thrown away uneaten. Give a cluck this year and make sure you know the best ways to plan ahead and freeze your poultry so you can eat it later!

Throughout January we'll be posting the best clucking tips and tricks on how to make the most of your poultry.

  • New Years Resolution

    Do you give a cluck? Make reducing poultry waste your resolution this year. Try some of our simple tips to make the most of the chicken and turkey you buy.

  • Did you know...

    120 million chickens are thrown away every year. That's clucking outrageous. Simple planning and meal prep can help reduce this number.

  • Recipe planner

    Our top tip? Plan your meals! Save yourself running around like a headless chicken and get a head start on the week with a weekly meal plan.

  • Turkey Coconut Curry

    Need some inspiration? Try this recipe as part of your weekly meal prep. Bulk up the portions with extra chicken and freeze the leftovers in batches for dinner tomorrow (and the next day!).

    Click here for the recipe

  • Did you know...

    Top tip: when heating up your meals make sure they're piping hot.

  • Poultry countdown

    Prep tip: to defrost your poultry, remove from the freezer and pop it straight into the fridge. Once defrosted, make sure you eat it all up within 24 hours (just try and stop us – yum!)

  • Sizzling Stew

    Struggling for ideas for your weekly meal prep? Add this delicious braised chicken dish to your plan – if you make extra, remember to freeze to enjoy later.

    Click here for the recipe

  • Lunchbox your leftovers

    Get your lunch sorted and use up any leftovers from last night's dinner - two birds with one container!

  • Size matters

    An easy tip to follow: serve up only what you need in each portion!

  • Marinate

    Prep tip: bought too much chicken? Try marinating before it goes in the freezer, it'll add a burst of flavour when you eat it later.

  • Use it all up

    Make the most of your turkey and sort out lunch for tomorrow all in one go. Try our turkey tagine - no turkey? You can use chicken as well.

    Click here for the recipe

  • Did you know…

    The poultry that's thrown away each year costs us £660m every year… that's £25 per household. With the right meal prep and storage you can save yourself money and stop wasting poultry.