Waste Less, Save More!

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Did you know that food waste costs the average Scottish family £440 a year? We’re quite literally throwing money away. And at a time where making savings has never been more important, we’re focusing on recipes and top tips that will help you waste less, and save more!  

Slow Cook, Low Cost 

We’ve long been champions of the slow cooker as a great, and simple, way to batch cook but it’s also very cost-effective. It costs around 23p in energy to leave a slow cooker running overnight which can result in a big bath of something tasty! Not only that, slow cooking is a great way to cook cheaper cuts of meat as the long cooking time renders them deliciously tender!  

Check out our slow cooker recipes here

Micro-wave, Maxi-save 

According to uSwitch, the microwave is the most energy-efficient cooking appliance and it can be used to cook lots of different things! 

From midweek meals made using only a microwave to top tips and handy hacks, check out our social channels and become a microwave master!  

Cook once, eat thrice 

As well as saving on food waste, and saving money - we’ve also been looking at ways to save on energy! Our Cook Once, Eat Thrice series suggests things you can cook in a one-er (either at the same time, temperature, or utilising residual heat from the oven) to use as building blocks for meals throughout the week. Follow us on social media for inspo!