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    Keen to do your bit

Spontaneous creatives believe deeply in the food-saving cause and feel there are lots of compelling reasons to change our habits. You are liberal-minded and enjoy the ‘feel-good’ factor that comes from doing your bit. You’re sensible and pragmatic, and you like practical hints and tips that affect your personally. You pride yourself on your individuality and you know that relatively small changes in behaviour can have an impact. You’re an independent spirit, but it does matter to you what people think – although not so much that it impinges on your freedom to do what you want.

Find out more about how the small changes you make at home can leave you with more money in your pocket at the end of every month .

Top tips for the Spontaneous Creative:

Utilise kitchen gadgets to use up food nearing the end of its useful life

Build up a collection of core recipes you can adapt based on what’s to hand