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This group’s lifestyle is full with a busy home, social and work life, which means people in this group don’t have a lot of time. Changing plans and a step into the unknown at dinner time - you don't always know how many you will have around the table - mean you have embraced the need to plan for anything. Planning helps you feel more prepared, but because you have to buy more than you need you don't always get round to eating everything before it goes off.

You appreciate quick and easy hints and tips that help you get more value out of your food, without taking up too much time and you like it when you can see how food saving benefits you personally. You value flexibility and freedom to choose how to manage your food and you like to indulge in little luxuries when you can.

Making small changes to how you manage your fridge and freezer could mean that you're never short of food to fill hungry tummys but that food doesn't go bad before you eat it. Most fresh fruit and veg can be chopped up and frozen, ready to use when you need it. Even bread and other bakery products can go in the freezer too.

If you tend to cook too much, or you like the idea of having a few meals 'ready to go' in the freezer, make sure you've got a range of different freezer bags and storage boxes you can pop your leftovers in before you freeze them. Store as portions big enough for one so you know how many they'll feed and make sure to label them up so you know what's in there and when you froze it.

Find out more about how the small changes you make at home to manage your food can add up to big changes for the environment and your pocket too.

Top tips for the Pressured Provider:

Freeze meal leftovers ready to reheat later when you’re pressed for time

Chop up and freeze fresh fruit and vegetables to use later