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The Mail on Sunday has launched an exciting new campaign to help people waste less food at home!

Its ‘War on Food Waste’ campaign is setting people a challenge of reducing how much food is wasted in their homes by 30%.

That would be £210 worth of food saved for the average household for a year – on a plate, that could look like three slices of bread, two apples, one glass of milk, a portion of leftovers such as shepherd’s pie, and two sausages.

Not bad, eh?

We know our wonderful Love Food Hate Waste community is up for any challenge that reduces the amount of good food that ends up in the bin, so we’re really pleased to see the Mail on Sunday getting involved in this crucial mission.

And remember, if you need any extra help, we’ve got you covered!


Why does it matter?

Wasting food feeds climate change. So, wasting less means you’re doing your bit for the environment!

When we produce food, the processes use a lot of land, water, and energy – and that’s on top of all the time and care it takes to grow and nurture it. Add in the packaging and transport, and you start to see how big of an impact food production has on the planet. Letting that food simply end up in the bin after that effort means it was all in vain.

We know most people in the UK care about climate change. Projects like the Mail on Sunday’s War on Food Waste are crucial for showing people how wasting less food benefits the planet – as well as how simple it is!


How can we waste less food at home?

We’ve got some simple advice and tools to help you keep your food out of the bin: