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3.1 million slices of cheese.

We’ll say it again. 3.1 million slices of cheese.


That’s how many slices of cheese are thrown away each day. If you’re a cheese lover like us, well, you’re likely to be a bit cheesed off. Especially when you think of the resources that go into looking after cows, processing milk, transportation, refrigeration and even the fuel we use to drive to the shop. All of this contributes to climate change.

It's a lot of energy, time and care - not to mention money. In fact, the average household wastes £70 a month just by chucking food in the bin.

But if we all stop throwing good food away we could save the equivalent of 19 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – that's the same as taking 1 in 4 cars off the road.

You won’t be doing it alone – all around the UK, people are getting on board with the cause. After all, saving food is one of the small everyday things that we can all do to save our planet.

And we're here to help. Here are just some of the great everyday things that you can do to keep even more of your food out of the bin.