Lakeland loves our food saving tips

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Lakeland is a well-known kitchenware company with 67 stores nationwide. It is known for its fantastic cookware, appliances and practical ideas, including storage.

Lakeland staff were keen to learn how they could help their customers to reduce their food waste by using Lakeland products.

Upon request from Lakeland Cardiff’s Store Manager, Gayle Orton-Ashill, we set up a workshop to give staff lots of tips and advice that they could share with their customers. We came armed with information, activities and posters for the staff areas.

Rachel Hawkins, a member of staff, said, “Since the training, I have seen a large saving in my food bills and feel there is a big difference in the way I buy and store my food – and so waste less.” Rachel also feels that she is more confident talking to customers and showing them the products that will help them to reduce waste. She believes that Love Food Haste Waste training will benefit everyone.

And she’s not the only one. All new staff are now given the training so that they understand how to save up to £200 per year, simply by making the most of the food that they buy.

Love Food Hate Waste is now able to reach a group of avid cooks who, through hearing the tips and advice from Lakeland staff, can reduce their food waste and bills.