We’re throwing less food in the bin!
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The amount of food we throw in the bin in the UK has gone down!

Since 2015, households have reduced how much food they throw away by 400,000 tonnes – our yearly total now comes to 6.6 million tonnes. This has saved us over £1 billion, and that 400,000 tonnes would fill the Royal Albert Hall eight times, or 3.3 million 240l wheelie bins!

We still have more work to do to get this number down. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 global target is to halve food waste by 2030, which means we all have a responsibility to keep this momentum going and continue to make small daily changes to help look after the environment. Households account for 70% of the food wasted in the UK, so we all have an opportunity every day at home to make a difference.

We’ve got 10 years to meet really ambitious targets, but these new figures show that this is achievable! It’s a crucial issue in the fight against climate change, as the food we throw away has a huge environmental impact. Public awareness of our planet’s vulnerability has never been higher, so we need to galvanise that awareness and turn it into action – starting with the food on your plate.

Quick tips to reduce your food waste at home:

  • Use our food storage A–Z to find out where your food will stay fresher for longer.
  • Plan your portions! Use our portion planner to check how much you need to buy and cook.
  • Ditch the peeler – potatoes, carrots, and other root veg don’t need to be peeled to be enjoyed. Just a quick wash will do!
  • Freeze! We still waste 20 million slices of bread every day in UK homes. Pop your loaf in the freezer to keep it for another day.
  • Check your fridge temperature to keep your food fresh for up to three extra days!
  • Make Food Matter – encourage your younger folk to get involved and take action to protect our planet too. Check out our Make Food Matter activities to get started.

Thanks for joining us in the fight to reduce food waste. We’re on the right path, so let’s work together to get the UK’s food waste down even further.