Cooking up a difference with Root Soup

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On the surface, Root Soup grows and transforms vegetables into delicious organic soups and breads - but they are about so much more than that.

Root Soup is a social enterprise that was established in 2010 to bring people together to learn and grow. They have a specific focus on helping those with learning disabilities and people who are homeless. Today, they are proud to call themselves a fully-fledged catering company with a difference.

Their overall vision is that, through partnership and by sharing their resources and expertise, Root Soup will become a dynamic social enterprise that is part of an overall ‘Field to Fork’ initiative. They want to offer training and employment opportunities across the entire food chain i.e. growing, preparation and catering.

How could we help?
Given Root Soup’s involvement with food, they wanted to make sure that they were on top of their game when it came to reducing waste. They already understood use by dates and got their “wonky” vegetables from a local farm, so they wanted to see if there were other things they could be doing.

The big training day
Root Soup attended one of our 10 Cities workshops in Bristol, which was run through Volunteer Now Enterprises, keen to learn how to store vegetables effectively, how to freeze efficiently and how to measure correct portion sizes.

The event began with the facts on food waste and then everyone took part in activities in small groups – the entire room was engaged and there were lots of interesting conversations, even over lunch!

This group was already doing a lot in terms of reducing waste, but a refresher on the environmental effects of waste confirmed to them that they were doing the right thing. They were particularly interested in the successes of the campaign to date and took on board the names of retailers that were already signed up to reducing waste.

Soup-er solutions
14 people attended the workshop, including a supplier of “use by date” bread. They are now exploring other ways of getting additional retailers to donate food that they can’t sell, but Root Soup can use. They will be using the Love Food Hate Waste website to see which resources are available to them. New tips and advice are being implemented with each batch of soup!