Building a team of food waste heroes

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Volunteer Now works to promote, develop and support volunteering across Northern Ireland.

They do this by:
• Enhancing recognition for the contribution volunteers make
• Providing access to opportunities
• Encouraging people to volunteer
• Providing information and support to volunteer based organisations, including:
• Volunteer management and safeguarding vulnerable groups
• Delivering training and capacity building programmes
• Providing quality standards assessment, consultation and research services

Volunteer Now are Food Champions for Love Food Hate Waste, helping us to spread the message to the groups they work with, including community projects and youth programmes.

Becoming Food Champions
Staff at Volunteer Now asked to be trained up, so that they could become Food Champions and pass on their knowledge to colleagues, friends, members and the groups they work with.

The big training event
As part of the rollout of the Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) 10 Cities cascade training in Belfast, staff from Volunteer Now were invited to attend a workshop held at their offices. We extended the invitation to our members and networks, with a number of groups taking up the offer, including NI Housing Executive and the Skyways Club.

We started by presenting the key facts on food waste, then the group split into smaller teams to complete some exercises. This created a lot of discussion, which continued over lunch.

The group found the workshop extremely enjoyable and interactive. They found the most useful section to be the presentation on facts, figures and examples. People were surprised that they wasted so much – especially fruit. Many commented that they did not know about things like storing eggs or how to tell if an egg was still fresh.

Keeping the momentum going
It was a large group – 22 people attended this session – and all agreed that they would become ‘Food Champions’ and endeavour to pass on the information to others. Everyone also knew of someone or an organisation that would be interested in the training.