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Why Save Food

  • In lockdown, we wasted a third less food - let's keep crushing it! We throw away 4.5m tonnes of edile food in our UK homes every year - that affects our wallet and our planet. Find out how you can save your food from the bin. 

  • A fun and interesting activity for all ages

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  • Good news! The Mail on Sunday is launching a national campaign to help you reduce your wasted food by a whopping 30%! By cutting your food waste by 1kg each week a family with children can save £210 a year! Let's work together to do our bit for #ClimateChange @MailOnline

  • Having a #BBQ today? Make the most of the meat you've bought by using leftovers to make lunch for the next couple of days!You can also freeze cooked meat if you need. Visit our website for more storage tips and delicious recipes


  • Turkey, beef, kidney bean... whatever burger you fancy, we've got a recipe you'll love! ❤️

    #LoveFoodHateWaste #Burger #BurgerRecipe #HomemadeBurgers

  • Planning a BBQ this weekend? Buying another 'just in case' can lead to food being wasted. Be a 'roll' model this summer and buy what you need ☀️
    Remember, if end up with too many bread rolls you can always freeze them to use on another hot weekend. Sorted