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Correct over spicing

Emma from Northamptonshire

Try adding citrus juice - lemon or lime. Alternatively shredded or chopped potato can help - the sugar helps to fight the heat. Nut butter can help counter heat in certain dishes. Cheese can temper a spicy chilli. Coconut milk/yoghurt/milk can really tone down the heat in a spicy curry.

Correct over salting

Emma from Northamptonshire

If you have over salted soup, add unsalted liquid to dilute it or toss in a peeled, quartered potato for 15 minutes. Over-salted sauces can often be helped with the addition of a little cream, brown sugar or vinegar. Use your judgement depending on the sauce, using a little at a time and tasting all the way. A bit of unsalted, cooked white rice pureed with unsalted water or broth to a thin paste can also help cure over salted soups or stews.

Correct a burnt taste to food

Emma from Northamptonshire

To correct a burnt taste to food don't use the burnt bit at the bottom of the pan but pour the rest into a new pan. Put a raw, peeled potato into the new saucepan with the sauce. The raw potato will absorb the burnt taste. Set the sauce aside for roughly 15 minutes and remove the raw potato. Gently reheat the sauce.

Freezing lemons and limes

Christine Holmes from Blackburn

"I slice fruit like lemons/limes & freeze on a tray.  Once frozen, they can be popped into a suitable storage bag/box (The 'fat ends' can be used to squeeze over/into foods & the frozen slices popped into drinks - 'ice & a slice' in one!)"

Using ice cube trays to reduce food waste

Christine Holmes from Blackburn

"You need the ones that make BIG ice cubes, I fill the trays with the food (e.g. baked beans in tomato sauce, tinned veg in liquid, gravy, sauces, stuffing, anything that fits) Once frozen, they can be popped out of the trays into suitable storage bag/box & the trays washed & ready for use again. I make a note of how many cubes is one serving, so that I just defrost what is needed.  You can write this on the bag."

Keeping food fresher for longer whilst reducing food waste.

Keep Me Fresh

File 2156Love Food Hate Waste has spotted a nifty little gadget to help you keep your fresh food fresher for longer at home. Keep me Fresh are offering a simple solution using O3 technology. By using O3 in household fridges, mould and bacteria are eliminated and food stays fresher for longer, meaning less food is thrown away. It's a simple solution and a nifty gadget - Otherwise known as Berry Breeze. Good for those who love their gadgets and love their food.

Using leftover BBQ chicken

Katie Williams

We always strip down any chicken left on a BBQ chicken carcass and store in a container. We find it is more likely to be used up this way than when left on the bone, which looks somewhat unappetizing. If the meat isn't used in a couple of days it can be frozen for use in another recipe like a curry, soup or pie.

Make your own vegetable stock

Jan, Glasgow

To make tasty stock, keep a clear poly bag with a quick-clip in the kitchen freezer. Put all the stems when preparing fresh herbs such as parsley, thyme, rosemary etc and the tough green parts of leeks, base plate of onions and any clean off-cuts of vegetables into this bag as you go along. Boil up this glorious mix to make tasty vegetable stock, without salt if you wish! Much better than any cube.

Create your own mixed herbs

Lesley, Angus Council

Instead of throwing out the last of the contents from jars of dried herbs, tip what’s left into a separate one and add more of your ‘leftover herbs’ each time you have some. You will end up with an interesting jar of mixed herbs.  Careful what you throw together if you have spices though - do a separate jar for those!

Great tip for using up ripe pears

Suzie Smith

How often have you bought a bag of rock hard pears from the supermarket, which seem to take forever to ripen, then all of a sudden you find that  the whole bag needs eating immediately before they go off?

When they get to this stage, a great way to use them is to peel them carefully, trim the stalks and place them into a slow cooker and cover with red wine and a little caster sugar. Using mulled wine adds a wonderful flavour & will not need any sugar (luckily I had some left over from Christmas).

Cook on the high setting for about an hour and a half.

The results are a delicious dessert fit for a dinner party, that goes well with yoghurt, cream or ice cream, but are pretty tasty on their own! This dessert can also be made in a large saucepan, although you will have to keep an eye on it whilst it simmers it will probably take about half the time to cook.

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