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Store Cupboard Essentials

Store cupboard Essentials

The kitchen cupboard is the nerve centre of your kitchen - keep it well stocked and you will save time dashing to the shops for that single ingredient and will always have a delicious meal at hand even when the fridge is looking bare. 

Ingredients may include:

File 465Balsamic vinegar   File 466Chutney
File 467Crushed chillisFile 468Curry paste
File 469Dry pastaFile 470Flour
File 471HerbsFile 472Honey
File 473JalapenosFile 474Ketchup
File 475


File 476Marmite
File 477MustardFile 478Noodles
File 479Olive oilFile 480Paprika
File 481PeppercornFile 483Raisins
File 484RiceFile 485Salt
File 486SardinesFile 487Stir fry sauce
File 488Sesame oilFile 489Soy sauce
File 490Stock cubesFile 491Sunflower oil
File 492TabascoFile 493Butter beans
File 494Coconut milkFile 495Tinned tomatoes
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