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So how much food do I waste?

The average person in the UK wastes 110kg of food every year. Most of us simply do not recognise that we waste food - and even less of us admit it!

Food Waste Diary
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Download this interative diary to help you understand if you are throwing food and drink away in your home, and if you are, find out more about the the types of foods you are throwing away, when you’re throwing it away, and why.

The diary is based over a period of seven days, although you can keep it for a shorter or longer period - whatever suits you.

Alternatively just use a kitchen caddy and have a look at what you've wasted over the week - and don't forget to include drinks.

Once you’ve completed the diary…

  • Look back over it and see what you're wasting regularly - think about how much it adds up to over a month or year and how much money you could save...
  • ...then explore this site to find ways where you might be able to preserve your bread or resuce that veg! There are loads of tips and recipes to help...
  • ...why not repeat the diary after a while to see how successful you have been in reducing your food waste and tot up the savings!

Let us know how you get on

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Love Food Hate Waste
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