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New packs and innovations featuring at a supermarket near you now!

There's nothing better than packaging to protect food in the home, keeping it fresher for longer, meaning less gets thrown away. Here we look at some of the best examples you'll see on the high street.

Longer life times in our homes: 

How long a product will last is indicated by the ‘use by’ or ‘best before’ date. The packaging has been developed to help maximise how long you’ll have at home to eat it. Some packaging has been further improved to give you even longer than standard packs. 

  • Marks and Spencer uses the revolutionary ‘It’s Fresh!’ strip inside its strawberry packaging that acts as an ‘ethylene remover’. Ethylene is what causes fruit to ripen. Customers will now be able to keep their strawberries in the fridge for two more days, helping them to reduce food waste at home. Marks and Spencer have also increased the lifetime of their steaks by vacuum packing them giving us longer to eat them.

    Also check out Marks and Spencers interactive food wheel - a brilliant tool to help you know what to store and where!

  • Cravendale use white bottles because they protect the milk from prolonged visible light that, over the life of the product, could affect its shelf life. Asda also sell fresher for longer filtered milk.

  • Waitrose skin packs for steak extend shelf life by 3 days

  • Tesco introduced 'It'sFresh' ethylene removal technology to their tomatoes helping them stay fresher for an extra two days

Always follow the storage instructions on pack and don’t eat past the ‘use by’ date. These dates refer to safety. Food can be eaten up to the end of this date but not after even if it looks and smells fine. Foods with a 'best before' date should be safe to eat after the 'best before' date, but they may no longer be at their best.

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Buying loose? 

Better information on loose storage bags. The Co-operative was the first supermarket to introduce storage guidance onto its loose fruit and veg packs helping us to store our food in the best way possible at home. Keep your food in these bags, loosely tied in the fridge, to keep your fruit and veg at its best

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Split packs:

One way of helping prolong the life of the food we buy is to buy split packs allowing us more flexibility in only using what we need and freezing what we don’t want to use straight away  

  • M&S introduced split packs for their ham
  • Sainsburys provide split packs for many of their bakery products
  • Tesco introduced split packs for bacon
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Portioning advice

Some packs now carry portion measuring marks on the side of the pack helping us cook just the right amount such as this handy fridge pack from Heinz.

Uncle Ben's rice provides handy individual portion packs

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Smaller, better pack sizes

Large pack sizes can be quite overwhelming if you know you won't eat it all in time or you don't have the freezer space. So offering a range of different pack sizes is an important step to help us all waste less.

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Re-closeables packs:

Reclosable packs help prolong the life of our food in our homes and is often seen in different forms – ziplock bags and sticky labels or bag ties.

  • BirdsEye introduced a recloseable pack for their fish fingers to help keep them at their best in the freezer
  • Sainsbury's introduced recloseable seals on their rice and pasta packs
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Better information on labels:

Storage guidance has the potential to help us make the best decision about where to store our food when we get it home, in such a way as to prolong product life, to improve food safety and to prevent food waste.

  • New storage advice has been introduced by Asda to help us keep our fruit at its best in our homes for longer
  • Morrisons introduced their 'best kept' storage advice on pack to help customers 
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Recipes on labels: 

The increase in recipes gives us new ways of using something up which we've bought perhaps for another recipe but not finished. This is particularly useful on foods which have short shelf lives or short shelf lives once opened

Send us your favourite? 



So next time you're doing the food shop, or when you get it home, take a look at the label to see what's new, how it can help you and how to store your food to keep it at it's best, and fresher for longer.

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