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Love Food Champions was a pilot initiative which helped people to cut the food they throw away by half, and make big savings on their food bills

Bringing Love Food Hate Waste alive in the community

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WI members in England volunteered to be ‘Champions’, recruiting and then running groups for local non-WI residents in their own communities. 

The pilot project ran over 4 months with groups completing the project in 10 areas. Topics covered planning and shopping for meals, keeping food fresh for longer, and enjoying leftovers. 

Before the project the group participants were throwing away 4.7kg of food per week – just slightly less than the National average - but after the project, they were wasting less than half this amount per household.  

The groups not only managed to cut back on the food they were throwing out, but also learned new skills on food management and cooking.  

Another very positive outcome to the pilots was its social side: some participants still meet up with each other.

Love Food Hate Waste has, as a result,  developed a simple “how to” Guide for other community groups and organisations across the UK to use called Bringing Love Food Hate Waste Alive in the Community

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