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Help save the environment simply by wasting less food

File 452Research shows over 60% of us, as shoppers, are concerned about the environmental impact of our food and groceries.

As we look for ways to save money on our household bills many of us aren’t aware that food waste not only hits us in the pocket – almost £60 a month - but has a serious impact on the environment too.

Producing, distributing, storing and cooking food uses energy, fuel and water. Each of these emits greenhouse gases contributing to climate change.
File 579Think of a pack of cheese. The resources that go into raising the cows, processing the milk, transporting the cheese, refrigeration, the fuel we use to drive to the shop to buy it - all this to put it in the bin at the end of the week. In fact in the UK we throw away the equivalent of more than three million slices of cheese a day!

If we stopped throwing this good food away it would save the equivalent of at least 17 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, the same positive benefit as taking 1 in every 4 cars off our roads. 

But it’s easy for us all to make to make a difference.  Love Food Hate Waste has some great solutions to help us reduce the amount of food we throw away.

  • File 22Planning is everything. Think ahead to what the week has in store - look in the fridge, freezer and cupboard, make a simple list so you only buy what you need and make the most of what you have.

  • Make the most of your fruit and veg. Apples last even longer when you keep them in the fridge – up to two weeks longer if loosely wrapped. And if they’ve had a knock, try putting them in a crumble, a sauce or start the day with a smoothie.

  • File 533Did you know food can be frozen any time before the ‘use by’ date on the label? Then when you have an evening where you don’t feel like cooking, take it out of the freezer, defrost and use within 24 hours

  • Ever thought of making the most of your potato peelings? Why not sprinkle with salt, pepper, chilli or whatever flavour takes your fancy and pop them in the oven. Free crisps the kids will love!

*IGD ShopperTrack is a monthly analysis of British grocery shopper,
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