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Hearty breakfast tips from Love Food Hate Waste

Many of us don’t eat breakfast and say lack of time is the main reason.

These quick and easy tips from Love Food Hate Waste will help all busy families – mums, dads and children - survive the morning rush and save money at the same time by wasting less of the food we buy:

  • File 97If you’ve bought fruit on offer and have more than you’ll eat immediately – such as berries – try storing a punnet in the freezer ready to use a handful at a time in smoothies. Simply blitz from frozen.

  • Bananas can also be frozen if they get too ripe or brown –peel before freezing and blend frozen with milk for a delicious healthy milkshake. Why not mash ripe bananas and spread on toast with a sprinkling of cinnamon, or chop and stir into porridge as a natural sweetener

  • Why not make a tasty batch of homemade muesli by combining porridge oats, nuts, seeds and dried fruit?  Add grated apple and serve with milk or any plain or flavoured yoghurt that might need using up.

  • Milk is a breakfast staple and yet every year we end up tipping lots away. Milk keeps best and lasts longest stored below 5ºC, but try not to leave it out on the counter-top: milk left out overnight loses a day of its shelf-life. BUT don’t throw away slightly sour milk; it will make great scones and pancakes at the weekend.

  • Yogurts, cheese and dairy desserts make ideal ‘take-out’ breakfast food when on the run. A good source of protein and calcium, and great for snacking at work or in school lunchboxes. Over 1 million yoghurts are thrown out each day in the UK. Don’t forget plain yogurt makes a great a salad dressing with chopped cucumber or mint, which you can take to work with a salad in your lunch box.

  • Every day we throw away the equivalent of 24 million slices of bread. Pitta breads, sliced bread and bagels can be stored in the freezer to help them last longer, then simply toasted straight from frozen at breakfast time.

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