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Free-lunching - soups and salads


  • Not only can soup be a healthy option, it is also a great way to use up virtually anything that is left in the fridge. Wilting veggies, odd bits of cheese, File 75leftover meats and fish can all be turned into delicious nutritious soups. Experiment by putting what’s in your fridge, with what’s in your store cupboard, into a pan with some stock, spices and seasoning.

  • Try peas and mint for a fresh green soup. If it’s a robust and warming soup you like use chunky vegetables. For an oriental favour try chicken with noodles.

  • If you work outside or on the move take your soup in a thermos.


  • Once upon a time, ‘salad’ used to mean a bit of iceberg, a few slices of cucumber and some tomato wedges. If you were really lucky you might have got a bit of spring onion.File 74 But times have changed and now all kinds of ingredients are happily tossed together. There isn’t much that can’t make it into a salad, and considering we throw away half of all the salad we buy, using it to free-lunch is a great way to reduce food waste.

  • Leftover cold meats, the last bit of cheese, fruit, potatoes, pasta, and rice are all great in salads. Boiled eggs, shredded chicken, grated cheese, and even nuts… the combinations are endless!

  • Put your salad in a plastic tub, but take the dressing in a jam jar, shake and drizzle over your salad at the last minute to stop it going soggy.

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Love Food Hate Waste
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