Love Food Hate Waste

Food Lover Celebrity Profiles

We asked these food loving celebrities about their love of food, their favourite tips for leftovers and asked them to reveal what foods they find themselves throwing out.   Are we all wasting food to some degree...? 

File 142Arlene Philips 

"Serving kids small portions and making sure they don't snack in-between meals ensures they are hungry when they come to the table."

File 143

Lesley Waters 

"My Grandma always par-boiled her potatoes for roasting and then after tossing them in hot fat she would sprinkle them with a little seasoned flour. Perfect roasties every time!"

File 144

Mary Berry 

"I like to use up all the left over vegetables, cut into pieces.  Add chopped ham and pour over a mustardy cheese sauce, pop in the oven to heat and brown."

File 145

Prue Leith 

"I like to just open the fridge and see what’s there. It gives me huge satisfaction to “make something out of nothing” but the temptation to resist is putting everything you want to get rid of into a stir fry."

File 146

Tommy Walsh 

"Leftover cabbage and potatoes make a lovely bubble and squeak for breakfast!"

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Love Food Hate Waste
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