Love Food Hate Waste

Five things you can do today!

Here are our top five little wins that you can do today to start wasting less food and drink, save money (£200 a year for the average person and up to £700 for a family) and help the environment.

Planning helps make the most of your food
  1. File 853Check the date. Find out about and take control of different date labels. Did you know, you can freeze food right up to the use by date. Freezing on day of purchase is just a myth.
  2. File 772Plan your meals. Check your cupboards, write a list, take it to the shops and stick to it. Use our two week meal planner to make the most of your food.
  3. Store your food correctly to keep it fresher for longer. Apples go in the fridge, potatoes in a cool dark place, and store bread in the cupboard or freezer. Here are some surprisingly freezable foods
  4. Do you make too much food? Get your portions just right using our perfect portion tool
  5. File 1835Last night's leftovers and todays forgotten foods could be tonights feast. Check out our recipes for great ideas to use up any extra food. 

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Love Food Hate Waste
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