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Double your dinner for a food waste winner

As many families look to save money on energy bills, fuel consumption and their weekly shopping, many of us miss a simple solution that can save us almost £60 a month. Food waste not only hits us in the pocket, but has a serious environmental impact too.

File 834However, we have some great solutions to help us reduce the millions of tonnes of good food and drink we throw away each year from our homes. 

When most of us think of our favourite family meals, we think of a homemade lasagne, chilli, soups, and casseroles to name a few. These comforting dishes can easily be cooked in bulk, allowing you to eat one and freeze one for a later date. Batch-cooking is a simple way to help with meal planning, but can also be an easy way to make use of some of the multibuy offers available at the local supermarket if you are cooking up a storm with some of your File 942family’s favourite meals. By having a meal frozen for later it will also help overcome the common dilemmas of either not having time to cook or lacking in inspiration for what to serve up for dinner or a hearty lunch.

  • Keep a marker pen handy in the kitchen for labelling up your containers with the contents and the date prepared – this will make it much easier to identify in the freezer

  • File 981Why not put those empty plastic tubs and containers to good use – they’ll be great for portioning up and freezing your batch-cooked favourites 

  • Multibuys are a temptation when out shopping, but it’s good to think about when you will use them; extra potatoes will come in handy for doubling up on shepherd’s pie topping and twice the amount of fresh mince will mean you can make even more chilli or lasagne to keep for another meal

File 962Many of us think of our parents and grandparents who were excellent at cooking in bulk and putting a meal away for another time. But it’s a skill that can help us today with juggling our busy lives, take advantage of some of the offers available in the supermarket, and help combat food waste which can also save us money.

File 975Don’t be put off by thinking it is extra time and effort either; more often than not, it’ll save time and effort to simply prepare and cook twice as much and pop the rest in the freezer. This will be a welcome meal if you’ve got a busy week! Check out more of our recipes and double your dinner for a food waste winnter today

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