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Top 10 ideas for cutting your shopping bills - from the people who know!

File 626Love Food Hate Waste is made up of so many people, the team working with me, our brilliant partners from the WI, to WWF, to Flora and Marmite, to local councils and most importantly the great UK public. Every day I get sent new tips from people who are achieving real savings in their household budgets from using Love Food Hate Waste - and they then want to give something back as they discover new ways to waste less, and save more.

Today I am dedicating this blog to them. So here are my current top 10 tips sent in recently - try them this week and see if you can make savings as well, and help the environment at the same time!

  1. File 164Turning a leftover roast into a tasty pie filling sent in by Lynda Breakwell from Bolton "When I've made a Sunday roast, there are always various bits and pieces left over.  So I scrape everything together, including any leftover gravy, into a dish.  Cut the meat into small pieces and add that, and mix together.  It looks absolutely revolting but makes a delicious pie filling, and it's possible to do this, even if you only have the tiniest bit of meat left over." 
  2. File 596Keeping veg fresher for longer sent in by Catt from Glasgow "To keep veg for longer, line the fridge salad drawer with a tea towel. Change regularly and wash the old one. It absorbs moisture and stops that gross slime building up in the bottom, which rots everything. You can also use paper towels for this"
  3. File 583Make croutons from stale bread sent in by Christina from West London. "Another great way to use a stale loaf of bread is to make croutons!  Cut up into blocks, fry up for a minute or so with some butter and oil and sprinkle on seasoning of choice, I find garlic salt and Italian herbs is really nice. Then toast in the oven! Any leftovers can be frozen and taken out as needed."
  4. Coffee tip sent in by From Kim Walker. "If you travel a lot or have a long commute to and from work, invest in a decent travel mug and take your coffee with you, saves having to spend a lot of money buying from kiosks at the station etc and then filling landfills with disposable cups. If you take them with you on days out I have found cafes that will refill travel cups and offer discounts for doing so." 
  5. Quick jam from blueberries or any soft fruit sent in by Riffkir. "If it is about to go off or is over ripe. Put in a saucepan with a couple of teaspoons of lemon juice and sugar. Heat slowly until the fruit "pops" and the liquid reduces. You will then have your own jam or a fruit compote!" 
  6. Freezing pizza dough sent in by Linda. "The recipe for making pizza dough in my bread machine makes enough dough for two pizzas. I use half to make a pizza for dinner and freeze the other half in a ball in a sealed sandwich bag. When I am ready to use the dough I just get it out a let it defrost in the fridge for a few hours and then I am ready to top and cook my pizza. Less waste and much less hassle than starting from scratch."
  7. File 265Make one chicken last 4 meals, sent in by Carole Browne. "Have one meal from the roast chicken, using perhaps the thighs and legs.  Use a breast for cold chicken with a jacket potato or bubble and squeak and a salad, the other breast for a Thai Chicken Curry or Sweet Leek and Chicken Pie (Janie Oliver recipe) then boil up the carcase with a bouquet garni, onion and carrot, strain the stock into a clean pan and add chopped onion, garlic, carrots and any other veg that you like and simmer until almost cooked.  Add the chicken meat from the carcase, some mixed herbs perhaps and if you are really hungry add a tin of haricot or borlotti beans (rinsed and drained).  This makes a hearty soup and you can add a little curry powder with some corn flour and milk to thicken as a variation. 1 chicken, 4 meals for 2 people."
  8. File 303Cheap and Healthy Batch Cooking sent in by Gemma Parnell, Bedfordshire. "Bulk up meals like pasta bakes, curry and chilli con carne with beans, pulses vegetables and potatoes. It's cheaper healthier and it means you can use up the rest of the vegetables in the fridge! I always make at least one extra portion to freeze when cooking, and I make food for my baby at the same time."
  9. Finding a great use for spinach stalks sent in by Melissa. "Save the stalks from your spinach leaves and stir-fry them with soy sauce, sesame seeds, and a touch of sesame oil. Make sure they're still a bit crunchy when you take them out of the pan. A delicious side dish."
  10. File 499Making it easier to use dried pulses (very cheap to use!!) sent in by Johanna Snel from Truro. "Dried pulses are cheaper than tinned, but they take some time to cook. It's easy to soak and cook a whole pack in one go, use what you want and put portions in the freezer, ready to use when the recipe suggests you use a tin. That way, you'll never have half a pack of out- of-date beans or chickpeas lurking at the back of the cupboard!"
Brilliant tips from real people, who have made real savings!
Em xx

Your comments

It's basicly left over veg.
Mainly Cabidge, Mash Potatoe, carrots (Maybe Brussles etc) all mashed togeter and fryed in butter in a frying pan. I love it when it's starts getting a crispy coating.
Serve with cold meat (Ham,Chicken) and pickled onions.

It's a British fav normally on Boxing day using up all old Veg from Xmas day.

db(not verified) 30 October 2012

a tasty mix of leftover mashed potato and steamed/boiled cabbage all fried up together!

Emma.Marsh 22 October 2012

I imagine others have thought of this. I used to open a box of chicken stock, use only part of it, then the rest would spoil. No more! If you've no plans to use the rest of the stock in the next day or two, pour the rest into ice trays and freeze it. When they're frozen, put them in zip lock freezer bags.

Ruth(not verified) 19 October 2012

What is bubble and squeek? I live in the US

Anonymous(not verified) 19 October 2012

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